AV Plastics Injection Moulding Tooling PromiseWe”ve created a tooling promise – reassuring your business that you won”t get any funny stuff from us! The tooling promise is a set of terms and conditions to reassure our customers that there tools are safe with us.

Terms include:

  1. You are the sole owner of the intellectual property rights related to the tooling including any design, drawing, model, know-how etc.
  2. We will not copy the Tooling or communicate any document concerning the tooling to a third party.
  3. We will not loan or rent the tooling to anyone else without prior notice.
  4. We will inform you about any malfunction or wear which could affect the use of the tooling
  5. We will not make any modification or repair work on the Tooling without prior and written agreement of the customer.

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