AV Plastics can help you get your injection moulding tool made.

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Injection Moulding Tool

Injection mould tooling is a very specialised profession requiring highly skilled engineers to create the injection mould tool.

Whilst AV Plastics does not manufacture mould tools, we enjoy close working relationships with a number of high quality tool makers around the UK and Far East, as appropriate for your product design and injection moulding tooling requirements. Working with the toolmaker and our in-house engineer, we will guide you through the entire injection moulding toolmaking process, adjusting your design so it can be accommodated for an injection moulding tool.

Costing for this is very simple and fair, we’ll ask a small fee up front for managing the project (between £150-500 depending on the complexity of the project). After the project has completed and we’ve provided a certain number of parts, we’ll refund the cost of the project management to you.

Once produced, AV Plastics will store and maintain your mould tools, which remain your property.  Each tool is used for the client’s exclusive requirements and we honour all IP rights. We operate an open door policy so that you can access your tools at any time.

If you require a personalised, approachable and reliable injection mould tooling service from a company with the backing of years of experience in the industry, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation or any advice you require. Please read our guide to getting started if you haven’t any experience in this area.

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