Injection Moulding Project ManagementAV Plastics is well established and highly experienced in a wide range of injection moulding services and products. We can provide a wide range of services from a complete injection moulding project management service, customised to your needs, or simply manufacture a component for you using a mould provided.

Our plastic moulding project management service begins with an early discussion with you to determine the feasibility of the product’s use, design and production, and the potential cost to bring it to market.

We can refer you to a designer to get the 3D parts made, then we will work closely with you to produce blueprint designs and assist with prototyping using our in-house 3D modelling facility.

The next stage will be to find the best tool mould design and production company to suit the component. We have contacts in both the UK and the Far East who are experts in this field and cost competitive. Working with the toolmaker and our in-house engineer, we will guide you through the entire toolmaking process.

Once the mould has been tested and proven, we will arrange injection moulding manufacture and can also assist with printing, assembly and packing of the product, and even storage and delivery to your clients if required. We’re here to give you the best service possible and get your stuff made into a fully working final product.

If you require a personalised, approachable and reliable injection moulding project management service from a company with the backing of years of experience in the industry, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation or any advice you require.

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