Sustainability Infographic
What are your options with regards to making your product more environmentally friendly? Have a look at our sustainability and manufacturing infographic to get started.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Injection Moulding
Before going ahead with getting an injection moulding tool made, it's best if you know what the pros and cons of doing so.
We'll injection mould and package your parts with a fast turnaround, high quality and friendly service.
Need a tool made, we'll project manage from designed part to finished product, guiding you every step of the way.
We have an on site 3D Printer that can quickly produce prototypes for your projects.
8 Tooling Tips
Here are a few simple injection moulding tooling tips we can offer to avoid getting caught out.
Product Design in Plastic Infographic
How to best design your product for injection moulding. The basics.
Injection Moulding Project Flowchart
From idea to product. The basics of an injection moulding project.
Plastics Process Infographic

Infographic to help you decide a plastic manufacturing process.

Defence Injection MouldingAV Plastics has been producing a wide variety of precision parts for the defence injection moulding industry for more than 20 years – including injection moulded parts for Boeing and Airbus – delivered on a tight timeframe to a high standard. From start to finish – design to getting your parts, AV Plastics can assist you in making your products a reality.

We have prototyping and injection moulding facilities on site near Tonbridge, Kent, and work closely with a number of toolmakers, both in the UK and Far East to get your project made how you want, in a competitive timescale at a competitive price. Our experienced toolmakers have experience in making a large variety of different high performance engineering resins including PEEK and Nylon 66, which we’ll be able to advise you on. Whichever part of the production journey you’re starting from, let us help you get your injection moulded part made by contacting us today.

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