AV Plastics Injection Moulding Tooling Promise

Tooling is expensive, and handing over a tool to a complete stranger can be a little intimidating without some sort of agreement. Here at AV Plastics, we believe in being honest and that we get rewarded by good quality work – but in business we have to prepare for the worst case scenario no matter who we’re dealing with.

We think you should feel secure leaving your tooling with us, so we created our tooling promise: for your peace of mind.

  1. You are the sole owner of the intellectual property rights related to the tooling including any design, drawing, model, know-how etc.
  2. We will not copy the Tooling or communicate any document concerning the tooling to a third party.
  3. We will not loan or rent the tooling to anyone else without prior notice.
  4. We will inform you about any malfunction or wear which could affect the use of the tooling
  5. We will not make any modification or repair work on the Tooling without prior and written agreement of the customer.
  6. At any time you can come to our factory to check the physical presence and condition of the tooling.
  7. We will first obtain your authorisation before making a change to the location of your tooling.
  8. At the end of the contract we will follow your instructions as to the relocation, storage or the scrap of the tooling.
  9. The tooling is your exclusive property (subject to any agreed costs in making the tooling having been paid).
  10. We will insure the tooling against theft fire or other accidental damage, but not consequential loss.
  11. You have the right to take back all or part of the tooling at any time, on simple written request, provided all outstanding invoices have been paid.
  12. Should AV Plastics cease trading or appoint a receiver then the tooling will be made available for your collection.
  13. Should your company cease trading or appoint a receiver then the tooling will be released upon settlement of all outstanding invoices.
  14. Ownership of the items produced using the tooling shall pass to you upon payment in full of the relevant invoice(s) relating to those goods.
  15. We will only retain possession of the tooling until all outstanding invoices have been settled in full.
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